1. Big Mamma
    Los Blue Marinos

  2. Shut Up!
    Mono Men

  3. Let it drift
    Bang 74

  4. Someone told a lie
    The Gruesomes

  5. Duke’s Jetty
    Go Mod Go!

  6. Ta Voisine Helicoptere
    Tommy Reltone

  7. ¡Qué duro es veranear!
    Las Kasettes

  8. Bang bang and then you're dead
    Patt Todd & the Rankoutsiders

  9. Death Awaits Us All
    Thee Blind Crows

  10. Dislexia

  11. Macumba Surf

  12. The Witching Hour
    Jake Starr & the Delicious Fullness

  13. Split the Waves
    Tommy & the Rockets / Bikini Wipeouts

  14. Evil TV

  15. I wanna be covered
    Tommy and the Rockets


  17. Your Eyes
    The Monomen

  18. Known to stumble /known to fall
    Pat Todd and the Rankoutsiders

  19. Bajo el Sol
    Las Kasettes

  20. Just for fun!
    The Connection

  21. R&R Wrecking Machine
    Tommy and the Rockets

  22. No te quiero ver aquí
    Los Platillos Volantes

  23. Jibaros

  24. Invisible Sounds
    The Stents

  25. Chupacabras

  26. Back from the cave
    Thee Blind Crows

  27. Ohh!!! I'm so gee!!
    Gee Strings

  28. Why Should I care
    The Reverberations

  29. By the Grace of mod (SOLD OUT)
    Jake Starr & the Delicious Fullness

  30. 14 Till We Die
    Thee Four Teens

  31. Joe the mynah bird
    Deadbeat Poets

  32. In the Web of Villainy

  33. Roaming Storm
    Harla Horror

  34. War is in my eyes
    Missing Monuments

  35. Hammerhead (SOLD OUT)
    The Routes

  36. Hole in my soul (SOLD OUT)
    The Routes

  37. Eres el diablo.
    The Moonstones

  38. Breaking your boots with ....(SOLD OUT)
    The Smoggers (Purple vinyl Ltd 200)

  39. Breaking your boots with....
    The Smoggers (Black Vinyl ltd 200) (Sold out)

  40. Heartbreak
    Screamin' Targets

  41. Heartbreak (Ltd 50) (SOLD OUT)
    Screamin' Targets

  42. The Rochester Sessions
    Hula Baby

  43. Shame on you (SOLD OUT)
    The Smoggers


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